Exotechnic Corporation

is a software house specialising in software products for the project management and financial services sector. Products include small footprint CRM systems, compliance monitoring tools, portfolio monitoring and management tools, sales and management information packages, independent fund valuation packages and time management and reporting tools.

Exotechnic's products allow businesses to focus on their core businesses, supported by reliable, efficient and flexible software packages to handle the day to day data processing needs. Exotechnic's growing client list includes global investment banks, hedge funds, and start up companies.
The company has been registered as a limited company in the U.K. since 2003.

Management reporting.

Customized, advanced software for reporting sales company, and market performance. Local requirements, international financial reporting standards. Fingertip solutions for management.

Compliance / Regulatory systems

Architecture, design, and development of customized software systems to implement industry regulations and domestic EU compliance. MiFID client classification systems.

Operations, workflow, and operational risk

Workflow analysis and definition. Design architecture, and development of software systems to manage operational risk

Client relationship management software

Customized software designed and developed to provide added value in relationship management, whilst integrating closely with existing systems, practices, and data.